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Cathy Wynne, SPHR, SHRM-CP

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Cathy Wynne has worked in Talent Acquisition in both Corporate and Franchised Staffing & Recruiting organizations for 30 years.  President of Wynne Hires LLC, she creates and inspires authentic conversations to align talent, purpose, and goals for employment and business success.  


Cathy is an energetic natural leader who works with small and medium-sized businesses to identify their specific needs for talent and to strategize the approach to marketing the employer brand and unique value proposition in talent attraction, onboarding, and retention.


Industries Cathy has served include non-profit, financial services, insurance, retail, home care, distribution, manufacturing, and more.   Frequently called upon to assist with critical recruiting needs, Wynne Hires will engage in Contingency Search or Hourly Consulting.  


Outside the office, Cathy is an outdoor enthusiast, who enjoys Hiking, Bicycling, Skiing, and Water Sports, and a musician who enjoys playing music with family and friends. 

She is also a breast cancer survivor who uses her voice to advocate for awareness and authentic conversations in the workplace.

Our Team

Allison Twyeffort has more than 20 years of experience working in the HR field. From administration and operations support to talent acquisition and employee engagement, Allison has sought roles that fulfill her desire to support employees of all stages and that provide opportunities for continuous learning and growth.


Allison uses her natural warmth and curiosity to be able to connect with potential partners and job seekers quickly. Her experience working with both large, global entities and small-to-medium size start-ups, in addition to national staffing organizations, gives her insight into a large variety of industries.

In her free time, Allison enjoys spending time with her family and friends, live music, traveling, road trips, and hiking with her puppy, Louie.

Allison Twyeffort


About Us

We're Here to Help You Wynne Your Hires Everyday

As employment consultants, we customize our solutions. We’re experienced in this industry, so we know what works and what doesn’t. 

The insights gained by way of assessments helps an individual to understand themselves better and creates an opportunity for personal and professional development which will improve team communication, collaboration, and overall success.

Leveraging three decades of matching talent to businesses, Cathy’s consultative approach uncovers the needs of businesses — and the talent’s higher purpose — to create, execute and implement an action plan. Her process creates and promotes harmony and synergy in the workplace.

“Let’s work together to reveal human potential and match talent to business needs and culture.”

-Cathy Wynne
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Our Core Values


We work hard to make a positive impact on the careers, lives, and businesses we touch


We are trusted to do the right and ethical thing

Honesty, Transparency, & Communication

We expect this of our employees, 

candidates, and 

business customers


We build value with the professional relationships we develop and


Diversity, Quality,

Through team collaboration and emphasis on Diversity,

Equity, and Inclusion, we work towards eliminating human bias in talent


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