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 Hiring Experts

Wynne Hires helps employers hire the right talent. 


Our 30+ years of experience, our consultative approach, and process driven methodology creates a partnership and formula for success.


Wynne Hires can engage as an outside recruiting resource, and manage the sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, and candidate recommendation(s) to your hiring team.


We can also engage as an on-site, hands-on hiring consultant, sharing best practices, training and coaching your internal team, or providing expertise at any stage in the talent acquisition process. 

For Job Candidates: Our open positions change constantly. Follow us on LinkedIn to be notified!


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Industries We've Served


Non-Profit/Mission Driven Organizations

Financial Services

Professional Services


Healthcare/Homecare/Mobility Services

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Sample of Positions Filled
Confidential Hires & Advertised Hires

Are you looking to level up your career
but are unsure where to start?


At Wynne Hires, we know the importance of a great first impression

when it comes to career success. 

We offer insights and tools that will help you put your best self forward, and communicate like a pro.  

We'll share tools and strategies that will help you prepare for interviews and decision making, by providing personalized insights that are unique to your strengths and ideal environment. 

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