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2022 in Summary: A Year of Surviving & Thriving

For me, 2022 started with a 1-2 punch. The business name I built my start-up business foundation (A Hire Purpose, LLC) was threatened with legal action for trademark infringement. We had completed what we thought was due diligence and followed the proper channels. Next, my physician called to say I had cancer. In an instant, my Outlook calendar changed. Client meetings and candidate interviews were limited. I engaged a skilled Intellectual Property attorney, met with a new team of cancer docs, and scheduled an ongoing series of treatment appointments that lasted through the end of 2022.

Sometimes we can make immediate changes to course correct and stay on track toward our goals. Sometimes, we must accept that we are not in control. With humility, compassion for self, and responsibility for others, we must move in a different direction altogether.

I am filled with gratitude for all I overcame in 2022. I am a survivor and a thriver! I am responsible and mindful of following recommended preventative protocols for wellness and health, which is how I learned about my cancer and began treatment. I was in control of early detection; I was not in control of the journey of treatment.

Communicating this to my team, my clients, and my business colleagues was not easy. I had to ask for help and re-write my whiteboard of goals for the year. Without good health, everything else has an unstable foundation.

Starting a new business in 2020 as a solopreneur was exciting and invigorating! Adding to my team in 2021 was a dream come true! Lessons learned in 2022 about trademarks and consumer confusion were lessons well learned. Humility, acceptance, and staying on brand (personally and professionally) recalibrated my compass. It made me fully understand that even when you follow the rules as best you know how, you can’t consider every possibility.

Here are three pieces of advice for surviving and thriving that work for me:

  1. Choose a positive attitude. Yes, you have control of this too. Your inner monologue can be your best friend or your arch-enemy. I am a survivor. I am a thriver. I am passionate about serving others and making a difference in helping employees connect with the right employers. I am a clear communicator, accountable, and responsible to myself and others. Life-changing feedback from individuals we have placed who are happier and better aligned, and feedback from employers who are relieved by the talent we have found for them gives me true joy.

  2. Take those lemons and make lemonade. Having to change the business name that I so loved, was a tough pill to swallow. However, this created the opportunity for collaboration on what we wanted for the future. We looked back at what was working and what wasn’t. We had to rethink the shape of our business and branding. Our mission, vision, and goals remained constant. How can we continue to best serve individuals and employers? The answer formed the new business name. You have to Wynne your hires. I believe employers must invest in winning the loyalty and engagement of their employees every day while creating and fostering a brand that promotes a culture that wins talent for their future.

  3. Smooth seas do not make for skillful sailors. We learn the greatest lessons under the most difficult circumstances. It’s part of the human condition. Learning and accepting that I would have to change my business name was a lesson in accountability. Had I hired the right counsel from the start, I wouldn’t have been in that position, to begin with. Acceptance motivated me to communicate this clearly and take steps to move forward and even improve our brand.

And so, officially, as of January 1, 2023, our new name is Wynne Hires, LLC.! I love a good play on words, and in the war for talent, you have to WYNNE YOUR HIRES! We help employers hire the right employees. We are caring and clear communicators and professionals, who use tools and techniques in our process that differentiate us as talent acquisition professionals.

I am also pleased to launch our new company name and brand as a protected registered trademark, Wynne Hires®.

Happy New Year – Welcome 2023!

Schedule an initial consultation with Wynne Hires today to learn how we can help you find and hire the right employees.

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