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Pay It Forward – Kindness Matters

Imagine a workplace where practicing daily, simple acts of kindness, is the expectation.

We are recognizing World Kindness Day, which is November 13th, but at Wynne Hires, we believe kindness should be a daily practice.

What is kindness? Kindness is a behavior marked by ethical characteristics, a pleasant disposition, and concern and consideration for others. It is considered a virtue and is recognized as a value in many cultures.

When a workplace fosters a culture of kindness, everyone benefits.

1. Building Stronger Connections: It’s no secret that individuals perform better when they feel valued – which leads to better collaboration, communication, and relationships with others. Unsure of where to start? Start with a hello and a positive remark! Especially in a remote setting, a quick check-in, and a kind word to start the day can go a long way.

2. Enhancing Employees’ Well-Being: Full-time employees typically spend more time with their work colleagues than they do with their family and friends. Simple gestures, such as acknowledging achievements, providing flexibility, or creating a positive work environment, can significantly impact the mental and emotional health of your team.

3. Resolving Conflict with Compassion: Conflicts in the workplace are not uncommon, so it’s important to approach conflict, stress, and tension, with respect, compassion, and kindness at the forefront.

4. Leading with Kindness: Leaders who display kindness and empathy create a sense of trust and loyalty among their team members. They encourage future leaders by demonstrating compassion in their interactions and decision-making processes. This sets a tone for the entire organization and fosters a culture of respect.

5. See Something – Say Something: Take time to notice others’ contributions and compliment a job or task well done. Being recognized improves employee well-being, boosts self-esteem, and helps individuals to feel more fulfilled.

6. It is better to give than to receive, and this is true of kindness. Giving compliments and expressing kindness will often make us happier than receiving kindness.

7. Pay it Forward! Fostering and promoting kindness at work leads to a culture of generosity. When people receive an act of kindness, they pay it back, and often not to the same person.

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