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Strengthening Your Emotional Intelligence Through Gratitude

Research suggests that grateful people are more skillful at coping with stress and regulating their emotions. Ongoing research in gratitude shows evidence in building positive relationships and increasing empathy. Practicing gratitude creates a heightened awareness of your emotions, values, strengths, and a greater understanding of others.

With greater emotional intelligence awareness, you develop the skill of choice on how you interact and react.

Are you curious about your own emotional intelligence?

Learning about emotional intelligence has transformed my life. Through training and certification in EQ, I have learned that it takes hours to recover emotionally from bad news, and if you’re hit with overlapping bad news, it adds up and can take a full day or longer to clear your emotions where you can think and feel clearly about the situation. Sometimes, the best reaction is no action at all. I call this giving myself a time out. When I’m feeling emotionally charged, this may not be the best time to tackle a problem, confront a situation or make a decision.

Gratitude can provide a path towards improving emotions and positive thoughts. If you practice appreciation, it shifts your thinking, changes your perspective and enhances your life in general.

Emotional intelligence is a skill we can work on every day, with just a little practice. It starts with developing self-awareness and self-regulation. We must continually adjust. Author and speaker Brian Tracy observes, “All airplanes are off course 99% of the time. The purpose and role of the pilot and the avionics is to continually bring the plane back on course so that it arrives on schedule at its destination.”

Change doesn’t happen all at once, and there will be times you will sink back to your old patterns of behavior. Don’t beat yourself up, but do adjust. Figure out what it will take to get back on course then follow that path.

Don’t get distracted from your goals. Distractions when you’re driving (or flying) can be deadly. Getting distracted by things that will fan the flames of your emotional fires can also be just as damaging.

Give attention to where you want to go, not to where you’ve been. When it comes to energy, you have the choice to focus on the positive or dwell on the negative; focusing on the positive will uplift everything else in your life and all around you.

In honor of Veteran's Day, we are offering a free EQ Assessment to the first 10 veterans who email with their interest.

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