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DISC, Motivators and Emotional Intelligence - DISC, MOTIVATORS plus EQ - If you want to become a better Leader, this report is for you! This 64 page TriMetrixEQ Report includes DISC, MOTIVATORS, AND a very detailed section about your Emotional Intelligence. EQ is a measure of our emotional intelligence that indicates how well we can manage our emotions and impact our relationships with others. Why this is important: Improved Awareness = Improved Communication = Improved Relationships! EQ measures: * Self awareness & self regulation, (ever feel impulsive and something you say gets you in trouble?!) * Social awareness & social regulation, (can you read the room? can you contribute positively to the environment?) * Motivation (is a passion to work on your internal drive with energy & persistence - WANT TO GET BETTER AT THIS?!) Motivation can’t be taught, but it can be improved on - and it all starts here!

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